Pet-Friendly England: Cotswolds Wildlife Park
Abby and rhinos

Abby and rhinos and zebras

What I love, love, love about England is that dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere, including at their zoos.  We were super excited to take Chewy and Abby to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park to see all sorts of wild animals.

Cotswolds Wildlife Park

Chewy and Abby meet an emu

Chewy and a lion Abby and a lion
Abby and Chewy and lion Chewy meets lion

Chewy and Abby meet a lion

Well, for the most part, they were unimpressed.  They spent more of their time investigating the grass and looking at us rather than watching the animals.

Rhino and Chewy Rhinos and Chewy
Abby and a capybara Chewy and capybara
Chewy and Abby seeing rhinos and a capybara

Chewy and chickens

Chewy discovering chickens

That is, until we got to the farmyard.  Chewy chased the chickens around in their little cage, tangling up his leash, and Abby's border collie skills came out in full force as she eyed the sheep.  Apparently, our dogs know the animals that they can control and avoid the ones they can't.


Cotswolds Wildlife Park is located in Burford, Oxfordshire.  Dogs are allowed in every area except the Wolves area and the Madagascar area.  We saw quite a few dogs at the park walking around.

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