Pet-Friendly Tuscany: Roberto Ciulli Gardens

Chewy at Roberto Ciulli Gardens

Chewy at Roberto Ciulli Park

It has been far, far too long since I've updated this blog, not because of lack of posting material, but because we've been seeing and doing so much.  In the last two months, we've traveled like a whirlwind and the dogs have gone through towns, cities, and countryside.  But, back in October (yes, I know that was almost a year ago, now), we took the dogs to Tuscany and, one afternoon, we explored the Roberto Ciulli Park.

Roberto Ciulli Park Roberto Ciulli Park
Abby at Roberto Ciulli park
Abby at Roberto Ciulli Park Chewy at Roberto Ciulli Park
 Chewy at Roberto Ciulli Park 
 Roberto Ciulli Park  Roberto Ciulli Park

The dogs at Roberto Ciulli Park

The park is located outside of the town of Monticiano and is simply a huge expanse of land with sculptures and artwork facing one of the most stunning views Tuscany has to offer.  On the day we went there, the four of us were the only ones exploring the park . . . and, in the hour we spent there, we rarely saw another car drive by the lonely road.  It's a great place to get some very unique pictures of Tuscany.

Location: Roberto Ciulli Park, off the main road of Strada Vicinale Della Merese in Monticiano (53015) in the region of Tuscany

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08/11/2012 06:00
Fascinating sculptures! So nice the park was uninhabited so you could all enjoy some uninterrupted romp time together :D
Such amazing adventures you are having!
Thanks for the update :D

Waggin at ya,
Roo's recent blog post: Spectator Fare
09/02/2012 15:35
Thanks so much Roo!
09/10/2012 03:25
this is a very good garden and place for dogs and other pets to enjoy. Dogs are the home animals. A quality fun time is require to them to spend a good time.
04/24/2015 03:47
wow! so nice Photo. they looks so pretty. Thank you to share this with us.
04/30/2015 10:55
Didn't know you could go on a ship with pets. Not sure I would even try it.
04/30/2015 16:37
Wow, what a great story the dogs are so gentle and funny! Thanks for sharing this amazing article
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11/03/2015 05:27
Those sculptures looks really funny. We can see that dogs sniffing around it and running away. It is nice to see these clicks and the photographer did a great job. I have never heard about this park even though it is few miles away from my apartment.
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01/04/2016 05:18
hello Akila and Patrick,
Thank you for your share. i am willing to go for a tour. read your post twice and grab a lot of little issue that helps me a lot in my next travel
01/04/2016 05:18
hello Akila and Patrick,
Thank you for your share. i am willing to go for a tour. read your post twice and grab a lot of little issue that helps me a lot in my next travel
01/04/2016 05:20
The dogs on the first picture are awesome, and they have such sweet shirts!
01/04/2016 05:24
Can't wait to hear about how the return to Brooklyn went. If your US plans still include Asheville, as 30+ year residents we would be glad to share our knowledge of the area.
Doug, Bernie & Shay
01/11/2016 14:27
Ashley Dupont
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01/23/2016 17:43
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01/28/2016 14:00
The coats they are wearing are cute
02/03/2016 07:09
Great trip! You really brave and i wish your dogs and cats be satisfied)
02/17/2016 07:29
Vivian Luis
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02/23/2016 00:58
Eden Alaster
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